Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Circumcisions & Karate

Today, I had to take Gunnar to the doctor to be circumcised again.  Yes, I said again.  After being circumcised at birth it didn't heal quite right so the poor little guy had to have a little more taken off :(  I hate seeing my children in any kind of pain, but he had to have it done at this point.  Luckily the doctor does use Lidocaine to numb it, so it wasn't too bad.  Needless to say this has made for quite an interesting morning.  Since Gunnar isn't sleeping through the night yet(typically my kids do around 8 weeks) I didn't get too much sleep and had to get up at 6am to take him.  My appointment was at 8am, however, the doctor didn't even come into the office till 8:45.  I know doctors tend to run behind, but seriously she is late everytime! I thought, if I am the first appointment, she should be on time since she must get behind meeting with patients during the day.  On the contrary, she is just late to work.  I guess when you own your own practice, you can do that.  Luckily, she is really sweet and gentle with Gunnar so it has been worth it.  Unfortunately, he has been a bit fussy today which is completely understandable.  Thank goodness he is laying down for a nap now which is how I am able to write.

Typically on Wednesday evenings, Cooper takes Shotokan karate at the ballet studio Kindle takes ballet at, Woodstock School of Ballet.  He really loves it.  His instructor is so kind and really patient.  His class typically has 2 or 3 kids in it and occasionally an adult.

He has come so far this year and we are really proud of him.  He will be testing for his yellow belt in July.  He is thrilled!  Nathan has always wanted to learn karate so he decided to take the class along with Cooper.  They are both very excited to have something else they can do together.

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