Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 Weeks, Beach Trips & A Night Out

Gunnar is officially 6 weeks old today.  My how life has changed in such a short amount of time.  I weighed Gunnar today and he is 11 lbs (he started at 7lbs 15oz).  Needless to say he is a good eater!

Nathan and I were discussing how going to St. Simons this year will be different with 5 little ones.  We decided that we need to get a few items to make a trip to the beach a little easier.   I have spent much of today researching and purchasing these items to solve the "problems" we thought of.

Problem #1:
How will we get from the car to the beach with all of our stuff without having to take multiple trips?
I found a Wonder Wheeler on sale at Toys R Us for half price that holds just about everything you need. I had seen these on the beach and always wished that I owned one.

Problem #2:
How will I be able to help with the kiddos while holding Gunnar without him getting really wet?
I found a Gypsymama Water Wrap.  It is great because it will hold him up high where the waves won't get him.  It also blocks 93% of the suns rays and is UPF 15.  Now my hands will be free to help.

Problem #3
What can we use to protect us from the sun especially while I am nursing?
We found a Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy that is big enough for all of us to get underneath.  We decided that we could use this for other things like when Nathan goes shooting at our land.

In addition, I went to Walmart and picked up water shoes for the ocean.  So I am feeling good about the purchases.  We walked through each step of what going to the beach will be like and I think we should be good, I hope :)

On a completely different note, I am going out for the first time since Gunnar was born ALONE!  Candra and I are going to see Eclipse.  I am very excited to get a night out!


  1. I can't believe someone who calls themselves a Christian is going to see that movie. Ugh. Sinner. [See you there!]


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