Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

To say that today was busy, was an understatement.  We had to have the van checked out and the oil changed since we are leaving for Ohio (woo hoo!) next Friday.  Of course, we had school to do.  I took Kindle to ballet.  Afterwards, we were in desperate need to go to the grocery store.  Since it was just the end of the month, the kids also got to get their stuff with their money at the store.  I managed to squeeze in a couple loads of laundry and some cleaning too.  I was able to do my Beth Moore Bible study as well (which I am really enjoying by the way).

So no time for pictures...however, I snapped this photo with my iPhone the other morning.  Kindle thinks she is so big when she holds Gunnar.  I love how much she loves being a big sister!

I really love how all of my children love their brothers and sisters.  They are great friends and have lots of fun together.  Of course, they do have their share of disagreements, but at the end of the day, they love each very much.  I am so happy they have each other!

Cooper was just reminding me today of how he guessed the sex of each of his brothers and sisters correctly.  It is pretty wild, but he has gotten it right each time.  He has decided that we should have 10 kids.  A girl is next so we can continue the pattern-boy, girl, boy, girl and boy.  I told him we shall see...


  1. i love her bows. yay for Ohio, and i was thinking yesterday 10 was a good number for you too, ironic? hmm. i hope we can have girls next together PLEASSEEEEE JESUS!

  2. I love this picture of Kindle and Gunnar! She does love being a big sister and most of the time she's very loving and kind to the little ones which makes Nana proud! Hugs and kisses to my Kindle X 0-Nana

  3. Ask Cooper what were having ; )


  4. Hey Sarah- I had a dream a few weeks ago that you had another baby and He was beautiful. I was very surprised it was a boy though because of that pattern. ; )


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