Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Kindle loves making music!  She has loved guitars ever since she was very small.  On Monday night, she had saved up enough money to get the Hannah Montana guitar with a microphone headset that she has been wanting.  She has been so excited!  It has not left her side.

She ate all her meals, did her school, went to the bathroom, rode in the car and went to bed with the guitar.  She is such a little rockstar.

This morning she told me that she needed her microphone so she could "talk to Jesus".  That is another wonderful thing about her.  She is a worshipper like her Daddy.  She loves to make up songs about Jesus.  I absolutely couldn't be prouder.

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  1. okay i have blog envy. you must fix mine. how did you get yours to not be wacky? love the new picture at the top!!!


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