Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Pregnant Sisters

I decided this week's Sentimental Sunday would be of me and my sister, Emily, pregnant together.  These photos were taken in October 2006.  Emily was a couple of weeks away from giving birth to my niece, Ella (her first child).  I was about a month and a half away from giving birth to Grant (my third child).

It was so much fun being pregnant at the same time as my sister.  We got to share the fun and not-so-fun moments of pregnancy together.

It has been really neat for Grant and Ella to be about the same age.  They get along really well.  It made cute pictures of them together as newborns too (I will have to do a Sentimental Sunday of those pictures later).

Nathan took these photos of us.  For whatever reason, we forgot to get an individual shot of me pregnant.  But he did get some cute ones of Emily.  This one is my favorite.

It's hard to believe that Ella and Grant will be turning 4 very soon.  Time once again flies!


  1. wow, i can't believe it's been that long. i was just thinking today, next year i'll have a 5 year old! i was just getting use to buying 4T clothes, wow. pictures are adorable. i'm surprised with having 3 together we've never taken pictures. if you have more, and i do too, we ARE doing pictures, no butts about it.


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