Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin, Pumpkin Who's Got the Pumpkin?

Yesterday, we had a fun filled day at Berry Patch Farms.  We have been there several times over the years and have always had a great time.  Nathan carried Celeste around in the backpack I bought at the consignment sale.  It was her first time riding in it.  She thought it was such an adventure!

They have some farm animals.  They really like the baby cow and goats.

Next, the kids went to get their face painted.  Grant was the "brave one" that decided to go first.  It is so funny to me.  As a child, I loved to get my face painted!  Cooper and Kindle have always been hesitant to get their face painted.  They have done it in the past, but typically turn down getting their face painted.  After seeing their little brother go first, they decided they wanted their face painted too.

We then headed out to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin.  You get to ride on a hayride out to get a pumpkin.  The kids always love that!

Gunnar hung out in the sling the entire time.  He was so sweet.  We got lots of compliments on how cute the kids all were.  Grant and Gunnar had matching shirts.  Kindle and Celeste had matching shirts and hairbows too.

Each of the kids picked out a baby pumpkin or gourd.  We also picked out a bigger pumpkin for our front porch.  They loved walking through all of the pumpkins.  There was also some cotton plants.  We had just been discussing in Cooper's school about what clothes are made out of (cotton, wool, etc.), so it was neat to tie it all in.



We took the hayride back and headed to the playground.  The kids wanted to slide over and over.  They had a really great time!


Since Gunnar was in the sling, I wasn't able to get photos of his cute pumpkin shirt till later.  He looked so big in it with his jeans.


This post is also my submission for this week's You Capture.  The theme this week was "togetherness".  As you can see, yesterday was full of togetherness and I loved every minute!


  1. you took some great pictures!!!!

    did you use the backpack/carrier as a backpack as well? just curious.

    again, adorable familia :)

  2. p.s. tell nathan the hat was a cute addition, next year i'm going to need the whole family in hats.

    p.s.s your hair looks awesome


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