Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30 Things I Love About My Hubby for His 30th Birthday

As many of you know, today is my hubby's 30th Birthday.  It is bittersweet because I wish we were spending it together, but I know he is having a blast in Costa Rica.  We got to speak this morning and we all wished him Happy Birthday.  He is on his way to see a volcano, waterfall and coffee plantation.  He took this picture this morning of the beautiful view from his hotel.

So in honor of his 30th Birthday, here are 30 things I love about him.
1.  His faith in God.  He is a great spiritual leader of our home.  He hears the Lord and obeys.
2.  He is the best Dad.  Our children adore him.  He is gentle and kind.  He is always doing things with the kids.
3.  He is a hard worker.  He has always provided for our family and worked hard even when his job was really tough without complaining.
4.  He is a great musician.  One of the things that original drew me to him was his singing and heart for worship.
5.  He is a great listener.  Even when I am having a not so good day, he helps me get through it. He gently nudges me to make the right decision and kindly shows me where I can do things to improve.
6. He respects my opinion.  He will listen to suggestions I make.  We make decisions together as a couple.
7.  He is athletic.  He is always trying new activities including cycling, rollerblading, karate, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc.
8.  He can make me laugh.  Since the beginning of our relationship, we have always made each other laugh.  Eleven years later, I am still laughing and having a good time with him.
9.  He helps with the kids so I can have some "me" time.  He arranges his schedule to make sure I get to go out and have a fun time with friends.
10. He is a servant.  He has been faithfully going weekly to a bible study he started in the projects for over 3 years.  He is always there to help or pray for those in need.
11. He is good looking.  Of course, I had to put this in here :)
12. He is creative.  He is full of ideas and suggestions that make our lives fun and interesting.
13. He surprises me.  He leaves me sweet notes and gifts.  They are always completely unexpected, but  just what I needed.
14. He compliments me.  He is always telling me wonderful things.
15. He is handy.  He can fix or make almost anything.
16. He is not prideful.  If he doesn't know how to do something, he asks for help so he can do it next time.  He takes advice from others and is willing to be wrong.
17. He goes shopping with me.  I have a terrible time deciding which thing to pick without research and/or a 2nd opinion.  He goes to the stores with me and all the kids to help me decide.
18. He is a great cook.  Cooking is definitely not my thing.  He can come up with interesting foods with ingredients just laying around.
19. He is a great labor coach.  Even with our first child, he did such a good job encouraging me.  The nurses even asked if they could hire him to help the other Moms.
20. He is a great photographer. I may not get the photos as often as I would like, but he does take excellent photos of the children.  My scrapbooks look a lot better because of his handy work.
21. He is so great to talk to.  As most of you know, I love to talk.  He loves to talk too.  We never have awkward silent moments :)
22. He is an encourager.  He is constantly encouraging me, the kids, a friend or even strangers that he meets.
23. He always makes me feel safe and secure.
24. He does things to keep the excitement and passion in our relationship.  Enough said :)
25. He is patient.  With 5 children, this is essential.
26. He puts the children and me before himself.  He always make sure we are taken care of first.
27. He is secure in our relationship even when I forget to tell him how awesome he is.
28. He is an optimist.  He always thinks the best of people even when they don't deserve it.
29. He is passionate.  When, he puts his mind to doing something, he does it.
30. He loves me unconditionally.  He keeps no record of wrongs and loves me even when I am being ridiculous.



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