Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bye, Bye Sweaty Baby

The Stroller Fan attached to his car seat handle

Gunnar has been a little fussy in the car the past several weeks.  Whenever I would get him out of his car seat, he was all sweaty.  It has been so hot here in Atlanta with temperatures in the 90's.  I always have the A/C on full blast in the car, but my mini van doesn't have air vents in the back.  He just hasn't been getting enough cool air since his car seat is backwards.  I decided I needed to find him a little fan to help him cool off.  It was tougher than I thought.  First, I wanted something that was battery operated. Second, I wanted something that had a way of clipping to his car seat so it would blow directly on him.  Third, I wanted something that had blades that wouldn't hurt him or the other kids if they touched it.  I was so surprised when I researched fans. I found all these "kid friendly" fans with metal blades.  I read reviews on Amazon, I found that people were saying they were getting cut on them.  Yikes.  I decided to go with a Stroller Fan from One Step Ahead.  I have been so happy with this fan.  It has fulfilled every one of my requirements.  It is operated on 2 AA batteries and has an on/off switch.  I would recommend using rechargeable batteries.  There is a large clip on the end that I attached to the handle of his car seat.  The neck of the fan is flexible as well so I can adjust it.  Lastly, the blades are made out of foam so they won't cut him.  Gunnar stays cool and is much happier in the car and never sweaty.  

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