Friday, July 9, 2010

Halloween in July

I have discovered after several years of doing it the "wrong" way, that purchasing Halloween costumes early is always your best bet.  When Cooper was younger, he would decide right before Halloween what he wanted to be.  I would, of course, be running around and searching online to find the costume in the correct size.  Sometimes I would find it, sometimes I wouldn't.  I decided there had to be a better way.  
A few years ago, I asked Cooper what he would like to be during the summer and set out to find the costume.  I discovered that purchasing them early pretty much guaranteed that I could find the size that I need.  I also found that I can typically get them for cheaper as well.  Many of the websites have leftover clearance costumes from last year or they offer free shipping since it is not a popular time of the year to order them.  Also, I have found several costumes gently used on Ebay.  Many children only wear their costumes one time(the night of Halloween) and their costumes look brand new.  I have found that if you purchase them early on Ebay, they are typically a lot cheaper. 

I got this Cheer Bear costume for Kindle on Ebay for less than $5.

Grant in the Dumbo costume I found on Ebay for less than $5

Today, we received the costumes that I ordered from The Disney Store online.  They have a section called the Disney Outlet.  I have ordered costumes from their website before and always been very happy.  I purchased Celeste a Minnie Mouse costume and Gunnar a Mickey Mouse costume for half price.  They are super cute and I can't wait for them to wear them!   And as an added bonus, I got free shipping!
Tonight, we went to the mall and picked up Kindle's costume.  She is going to be Jesse from Toy Story.  Kindle is so skinny that I really wanted to hold the costume up to her to see which size she needed.  The nice thing is that they gave me a coupon for 20% off a future purchase.  She really would like the matching hat and boots which are sold out right now, so hopefully I can use my coupon to get those items.
Cooper and Grant want to be Clones from Star Wars.  I found their costumes for half off on Buy Star Wars Costumes.  
Aside from a couple of accessories, we are all set for Halloween!

Last year, all of the children were characters from Star Wars.  I bought all of the costumes online early with free shipping.


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