Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Steals of a Deal at the All 4 Kids Consignment Sale

My Basket was Overflowing with Clothes
I went to the preview sale at the All 4 Kids Children's Consignment Sale tonight.  I got some super awesome bargains!  I was mostly looking to get all of Gunnar's fall and winter clothes, some pajamas for Kindle and Cooper and shoes for the kids.  I happy to say that I accomplished all of that and more.
Here are some of the best deals I got:

Gunnar's Gymboree shirt & outfit $3 for both
Gunnar's Old Navy pants $3 for both
Gunnar's Gymboree pants $1 each
Gunnar's Children's Place sweater & hat $6
Gunnar's Gap sweater outfit $6
Gunnar's Gymboree sweater new with tags $6
Gunnar's Gap winter jacket $8
Kindle's Wilsons Leather Jacket reversible $10
Kindle's pj's Gap new with tags $4
Kindle's Old Navy sparkle slim jeans $3
Kindle's pj's $1-$4 each, pants $2 & dress $4
Gunnar's pants $1-$5 each including new Ralph Lauren jeans
Gunnar's shirts some new with tags all Gymboree, Children's Place, Old Navy or Gap $1-$4 each
Gunnar's outfits all Gymboree, Old Navy or Gap $2-$6 each
Cooper's pj's $3 & hunting shirt $2 (couldn't get the picture to rotate, not sure why...hmm)
Rain/Snow Boots for going to Nana & Grandpa's Land $3-$4 each

Like New Condition Shoes-$3-$5 each

Soccer Cleat for Homeschool Soccer-$3 each

I spent $217 and got 58 items.  That averages out to $3.74 each.  Not too bad!

I hope some of you make it out to the sale.  I would love to hear some of your awesome finds too!


  1. I'll have to post some more of my great finds soon... but my best one was a froggy raincoat set that retails for $40: I paid $4. Also I'm 99% sure that the "Gymboree sweater new with tags $6" was mine :D LOL

  2. That's awesome! I thought it would look adorable for Christmas pics :)

  3. yea! awesome. love the boots. homeschool soccer huh? sweet

  4. I almost bought 2 of those pairs of boots!


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