Friday, July 9, 2010

I think I look terrible in glasses

I wear contacts.  I rarely, if ever, wear my glasses basically because the ones I have are super old(from at least 2001, maybe earlier) and the prescription is totally off.  The kids also stepped on them and broke one of the nose pieces off.  More importantly, I think I look terrible in all glasses.  Due to the fact that I never wear them and frankly I am too cheap to spend money on new ones, I have just made due with my old glasses for years.  After Gunnar was born, I wore my glasses a lot more often and I kept getting headaches.  I finally connected that it was probably because my eyes were not happy with the old prescription.  So, I decided it was time to purchase new glasses.  Nathan needed new ones too so it was perfect.  We went to Visionworks because they were running a special, 2 pairs of glasses plus an eye exam for $99.  I told Nathan that he needed to pick out my glasses because I think all of them look terrible on me.  Also, I figured it doesn't matter very much which ones he picked because I typically only wear my glasses from the bathroom to my bed at night and then from my bed to the bathroom in the morning.  He did pick out a pair.  I am happy with his choice.  I am mostly thankful to have a new pair of glasses that are the correct prescription and not broken.  Here they are:
Disclosure: I don't love this photo of me in my new glasses.  It was super late at night and I wasn't wearing makeup, but it will have to do :)


  1. "cool enough" to be Nathan's wife.

  2. I think with the glasses, you could be a matching couple! What about a pic with all the kids wearing the same style glasses?

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  4. I think you you look great in them!
    I have the opposite problem, I look terrible without my glasses!

  5. You look cool and hip! I look like a librarian in mine. :)


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