Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today we started the morning by getting Nathan and the older 3 kids hair cut.  Cooper decided to go with a fauxhawk.
Kindle got a trim and a french braid.

And Grant got a trim as well.

We also got some fireworks, sparklers and pop its.  The kids are really looking forward to celebrating Independence Day tomorrow.  While we were in the car, we listened to one of the kids favorite musicians, The Laurie Berkner Band.  She has a new CD called Best of Laurie Berkner Band that I downloaded on iTunes.  It makes a long car drive a lot happier :)

We are headed to church again tonight to hear Bobby Conner.  It should be awesome!


  1. So are you doing Product Suggestions often to get noticed to get freebies, etc? Cute haircuts. Cooper looks like Nathan to me.

  2. freebies sound good to me :)


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