Sunday, July 25, 2010

What I Spent Saturday Doing

Since my favorite children's consignment sale (All 4 Kids) is coming up this week, I had to sort through the older 2 children's clothes for the Fall to see what I needed.  I am happy to say that despite the moans and groans from Cooper and Kindle, I am done.  I dislike having to get them to try clothes on every season because they just take FOREVER.  There is always at least one item that was their "favorite" that they insist still fits despite the fact that their tummy is hanging out the bottom and the long sleeve shirt has turned into 3/4 length on the arms.  Ugh!  I am happy to say we survived.

Earlier in the year, I purchased Wonder Hangers.  They do a great job on TV convincing you that your closet space will double or triple if you use them.  I am here to tell you it is not true.  It still takes up the same space, however, I do like them because it helps the clothes to be more organized.  I went through and put all of the shirts together, skirts together, dresses together, etc.  I didn't have enough Wonder Hangers to do all of their clothes, but at least I have the Fall clothes sorted on the hangers.
The Girl's Closet
The Boy's Closet

My next task will be organizing Grant and Celeste's clothes.  I am really counting on the hand me downs from their older siblings.  All of my boy's clothes have been through Cooper, Grant & now Gunnar.  My girl's clothes have been through Kindle, my niece, Ella and Celeste.  The great thing is that most of the clothes are still in great condition.

I have also been very blessed over the years by people giving me hand me down clothes.  I have learned that if someone is offering you hand me down clothes, take them!  Even if they are a bit worn out or not your taste, they can be play clothes or pajamas.  This has saved me from spending unnecessary money on clothes no one but our family ever sees :)

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