Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flip Flops, Costa Rica & Turning 30

I am very excited today because I won my first giveaway.  My friend, Paige, has a fabulous online clothing boutique called Twinkle Toe Bows.  She was giving away a pair of custom flip flops and Nathan won them for me.  Yay! I have gotten several outfits for the girls from her including the dress Celeste wore for her first birthday.

She also made these matching outfits for the girls.

She has a Facebook page with more photos of items they have made.  Check it out!

Next Monday, Nathan leaves for Costa Rica for a week.  His younger brother, Jeremy, is getting married on Saturday, July 17.  Nathan will be traveling with his Mom.  This should be nice because they both love photography and they should have lots of opportunities to get some great shots.  Nathan will turn 30 on Tuesday, so his Mom let him pick what they will do that day.  He is going to Volcan Poas National Park, La Paz Waterfall Garden and a coffee plantation.  It should be really fun!  I will be holding down the fort at home.  I plan to have several play dates and take the kids swimming at my parents.

Nathan & Celeste at Nana & Grandpa's pool on her birthday

Since Nathan will be turning 30 while in Costa Rica, we plan on going to dinner this Friday night at one of our favorite restaurants, The Melting Pot.  He would really like to go skydiving for his birthday as well, but he doesn't want to go alone and I have NO INTEREST in throwing myself out of an airplane.  So if any of you would like to go with him, let us know :)

Speaking of turning 30, I will be 30 on August 21st.  I still have not figured out what I would like to do for my birthday.  Everything I can think of doesn't sound like much fun with a baby.  He is just too little for me to leave for too long.  I am sure we will go to dinner to celebrate, but that is about all I can think of.  I told Nathan that since I won't have a new baby next year, maybe we should do something then instead.  We shall see...


  1. Next time I'm going to talk about twinkle toes on Nation-Solomon-Moses & Charles facebook, jk. I kid, you know I would never wear any other flip flops besides Rainbows, and I don't have any girls. You totally deserve them! What colors are you getting?

  2. You dont want some big old bow-y flops Candra
    ?!?! I'm brutally wounded! HA!

  3. I am excited! I got the zebra print ones. A little touch of pink but overall black so I think they will match more.


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