Friday, July 2, 2010

Eclipse and Six Flags

Candra and I had a nice time watching Eclipse.  It has been a year and a half since I read the book, so I had forgotten a lot.  I did like the movie.  The best part, however, was getting out of the house to do something fun.  Candra is one of my favorite people.  We can make anything fun and talk for hours.
Candra and I at a Halloween party

Gunnar did great for Nathan.  I fed him before I left and he slept the entire time I was gone.  Yay!

So today, Nathan and Cooper have gone to Six Flags.  This will be Cooper's first time at Six Flags so he is very excited.  Nathan has taken off of work the last few Fridays to go with Cooper to White Water.  He is such a good Dad.  He has worked until late at night these past few weeks to get his work complete so they can go to the parks. We bought season passes for Nathan and Cooper to both Six Flags and White Water.   One great thing about the season passes is that they come with coupon books with free and discounted tickets.  Nathan was able to take Grant for free on Father's Day to Six Flags.  They had so much fun because Grant has been wanting to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine and they have one there.

Last Friday in the afternoon it started raining at White Water.  The park closed the rides down.  Nathan and Cooper waited it out for a bit, but ended up going home after an hour or so.  When they left the park, they gave them 2 rain check tickets.  We were quite surprised since they have season passes and had spent so much of the day there already.  So Nathan is going to take Grant and Kindle to the Wiggles World at White Water with the rain checks.  We are really happy with their season passes!

This weekend, we are going to a conference at our church.  I am especially excited to hear from David Hogan.  He and his family live in Mexico and have been ministering to the people for 30 years.  He always has such awesome testimonies.  It should be a great weekend!

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  1. i made the blog, what what! just so everyone in cyber world knows...when Sarah & i go out we always dress like that. blonde wig and all.

    told you season passes were the bomb. i'm just sayin'

    p.s. i got your vm about the hotdogs [inside joke...not really]


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