Friday, July 23, 2010

So Thankful for my PiddlePad

Tonight, we went out and all of my cloth diapers were dirty, so I put Gunnar in a disposable.  Of course, as soon as we put him in the car seat, he decides to do a huge poop explosion.  When we stopped to change his diaper, we found that it had gotten all over his shorts.  I thought about how thankful I am for my Kiddopotamus Deluxe PiddlePad.  I got one when my 3rd child was born.  I used it for him and my 4th child until it got lost in transport on an airplane flight.  So one of the first things I asked for when I found out I was pregnant with number 5, was a PiddlePad.

Basically, you lay this waterproof pad in your car seat under your child's behind.  So when your child has a poop blowout, you don't have to take the fabric off your car seat and wash it.  You can just lift the PiddlePad out and wash it and you are good to go.  Over the years, I have been thankful for this product on many occasions.  I wish I knew about it with child 1 and 2.  It would have come in sooo handy.  There was nothing worst than needing to go somewhere and having to wash and dry my car seat fabric.  Or being out and my child would have a poop explosion and I had no options for how to clean the car seat off.  I would highly recommend this product for all newborn babies!

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  1. I have never heard of that thing before, but it is AWESOME. We are almost done potty training baby #2 or I would totally get one. I may still have to buy one as a baby present. It's way cheaper than buying another car seat cover after washing the first one a million times. Plus they make it impossible to remove the cover to wash the cushion anyway. Love it!


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