Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Early 30th Birthday Celebration

Last night, we went out to dinner at Sal Grosso with our best friends, Charles & Candra.  We celebrated mine and Nathan's 30th birthdays.  Charles & Candra will be going to Ohio for 4 months so they will miss my 30th birthday and of course Nathan was in Costa Rica on his 30th.  We had a really yummy dinner.  All you can eat at a Brazilian steakhouse!  Gunnar tagged along as well.  He did so great.  He slept for most of the meal.  Yay!  I am so glad we had the opportunity to see them before they left.  We will miss them greatly, but plan to chat via Skype so we will just pretend like we are too busy to see them in person and that they actually aren't hours away :)  We are hoping to go visit them while they are gone and hopefully go to the Creation Museum while we are there.
Nathan, Gunnar, me, Candra & Charles
Candra, I know you will read this.  I forgot to tell you that I loved your dress.  I am terrible about giving people the compliments that I think in my head :)


  1. I did read this post yesterday, but I was nursing and couldn't reply. THANKS for the shout out and we really enjoyed your company too! I love that you brought your camera and snagged a photo. Y'all are the best of the best. Charles is feeling worse...yikes...glad he made it to dinner to eat bread at least. OH and thanks for the compliment, I bought two from Target for the's that "i look big, but really i'm tiny under this tent" dress. ha ha. I mean the skinny girls look big in them so I thought maybe it might leave something to the imagination and some might think I'm skinny under it too.

  2. Ha ha, I thought it made you look even skinnier! Sorry to hear about Charles :(


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