Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Voting, Flip Flops & Sweetness

Gunnar and I Voted

I took Gunnar to vote today.  He slept almost the entire time except right at the end.  I was the youngest person at my polling place by at least half.  All of the poll workers oohed and aahed over Gunnar.  

My Twinkle Toe Bows Flip Flops

I picked up the flip flops that I won in the giveaway from Twinkle Toe Bows.  They are super cute and very comfortable.  It is kind of hard to tell in this photo, but the zebra print is black and light pink.  I wish my oldest daughter, Kindle, would wear flip flops so we could have matching ones.  She just hates all thong sandals :(  

Sweet Celeste

I love this picture of Celeste.  I wish it wasn't so blurry, but I captured it with my iPhone and it is so hard to get a picture of her that is not blurry because she is always moving.  She is so sweet.  Always giving kisses and hugs and telling you that she loves you.  She is my little Princess.


  1. Brenden said he voted today and was the only young person there. geez in like 40 years who is going to be at the polls? probably not our generation. sad.

  2. I am hoping that there weren't younger people because they all were working. Hopefully, they voted after work.


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