Friday, August 27, 2010

Absolutely FabBOWlous!

I have a confession, I love hairbows.  I love seeing my daughters in hairbows.  I think it is like the icing on the cake of cuteness.  I currently have 2 hairbow holders, but I need at least 1 more.  I am hoping to win one!

Hairbow holder from ABC: Audrey's Baby Creations

Hairbow Holder from Birdie Baby Boutique

Here are a few of my favorite bows: 

My sister made these for Celeste.
My sister made these headbands for Celeste too.
A Nemo bow & a Mickey Christmas bow from Gia's Bowtique
This headband is also by Gia's Bowtique

Each of the girls has a set for Halloween from Nomie's 3 Monsters
Headband from Birdie Baby Boutique
This came as a set, but you can take the hairbow off from Birdie Baby Boutique
This was a set too.  The bow comes off.  From Gia's Bowtique
Love this Princess hairbow from Gia's Bowtique
These handbands are from Costa Rica courtesy of Uncle Jeremy & Aunt Yeri.
Love this flower from Gia's Bowtique
Of course, I love the clippies I got from Merci Bow Coup.  You can see those photos on my previous post.

I will be honest, if it was socially acceptable for adults to wear hairbows, I probably would.  I loved wearing hairbows when I was younger.  I am so glad my girls do too!

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