Friday, August 13, 2010


Cooper, Nathan and my Dad, aka Grandpa, all went to play golf today on Jekyll Island.  This was Cooper's first time playing.  We told him this morning that he could ride along in the golf cart with Daddy and take pictures while Nathan and Grandpa played.  He was excited about doing that.  Then when they arrived at the course, the pro gave Cooper a kid's set of clubs to borrow and let him play 18 holes on the house.  Cooper was beyond thrilled!  
Grandpa giving Cooper some tips!
He did really well for his first time.  Grandpa even let him drive the golf cart.

I gave Cooper my old camera.  He took several pictures of Nathan and Grandpa playing golf.  I think he is becoming quite the photographer.

Cooper was so proud because he "beat" Grandpa.  He thought he was big stuff! 
Teeing off
Cooper decided today that he would like to be a professional golfer and a professional photographer (his future occupation changes about as much as he changes underwear).  He got a commemorative golf ball from the course to display to help him remember his first time playing.  He can't wait to go again!

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