Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adjusting to our New "Normal"

Sweet Celeste never wants to leave her Daddy's side <3

I am sure any parent with multiple children finds themselves doing a head count when you are out in public.  It is hilarious because often times I find myself feeling like someone is missing even though all heads are accounted for.  Nathan does this too.  We have determined that once we get adjusted to life with another child, we must be thinking with out realizing it, "someone must be missing, this is just too easy."  I had that feeling twice today.  Once when we were getting ready to go to the beach and once when the kids were playing in the sand.  I guess that is a good sign that we have adjusted to our new "normal" with 5 children :)
Nathan took the kids to get water to make their sandcastles.
When we went to the beach today, Nathan decided to time how long it took to put the tent up since we knew what we were doing.  It took 25 minutes from start to finish, however, the 25 minutes went so quickly that I thought he couldn't be correct.  Ha ha.  For anyone considering getting one, please keep in mind that I am pretty much not helping at all since I am keeping an eye on the other children.  Also, the majority of the 25 minutes is spent filling up the sand bags we have that are used as weights so it won't blow away.  Obviously, 2 or more people filling them up would take less time.  Even Nathan agrees, it is definitely worth it though.  We sat under the shade of the tent today with a nice breeze.  It is great especially since I am nursing with a cover up at the beach so I am not pouring sweat.  Yay!  We got several comments today from people saying how they wished they had one.
Grant in his Sponge Bob swimmies.
The kids had tons of fun digging in the sand and splashing in the ocean.  Gunnar did great once again.  He just sleeps while we are in the ocean and only wakes up to nurse and then he is back to sleep in the wrap.  I am glad we decided to wait till mid August to come to the beach.  It is not crowded at all since most people have started school back (one point for getting to pick your own schedule with homeschool!)  Tonight, we grilled out and Nathan made his yummy mashed potatoes.
Kindle with the seashell she found.
Cooper loves covering himself completely with sand.
People ask me if there is a baby in there.  Ha ha!

My parents and brother are coming to join us for a few days tomorrow.  The kids are super excited to get to hang out with them at the beach house.  Nathan is hoping to get in a round of golf with my Dad.  I am hoping to do some scrapbooking with my Mom.

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  1. Love the pictures. Great job. Like what else would you have in the wrap? Food? A dog? Please start telling people no and giving them random other suggestions. ha ha. I know you're thankful for the shade---I was.


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