Monday, August 23, 2010

(sings) Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Today was your typical Sunday.  We all got ready for church and I wanted to get a photo of Celeste in her new Elmo dress.

Note the Cinderella dress up heels she wanted to wear today.
Of course, everyone wanted to get their photo taken before we could leave the house. 

Which turned into, them asking if they could get a picture individually too.

Which turned into, them asking to take a photo holding a toy.

Which turned into, them asking if they could take a photo one on one with their siblings.

All the while, Gunnar was happy and content in his swing.

I decided that if we wanted to get to church before it was over, we had to stop taking pictures and leave. 

Tonight I am happy to say, I used my new treadmill for the first time.  I really like having it in the house. It is so much more convenient.  Plus, it is in our bedroom so it pretty much stares at me in the face willing me to get off my lazy behind and use it :)  I have also started using the Livestrong app on my iPhone to help keep track of my calories and exercise.  I like it because almost all food and items at restaurants are listed.

Tomorrow starts the new school year for Cooper and Kindle.  Cooper will be in 2nd grade and Kindle will be in Kindergarten.  Kindle is sooo excited to be starting school back, Cooper not so much. Ha ha.  I chose the title for tonight's blog to be "Back to Life, Back to Reality"(from the song "Back to Reality" by Soul II Soul) because we start into our new routine tomorrow with school and kid's activities.  I managed to finish the school year last year when Gunnar was born (May 20), so I have had a nice long break.  Plus, we have still been in vacation mode a bit.  We get back to our new "reality" tomorrow.  

I spent the rest of the evening preparing for the school day tomorrow.  We should be all ready to go.

Our school room

I am really looking forward to this school year.  I can not wait to see all that the kid's accomplish!  


  1. loved all the pictures. excited to read your school blog adventures. nation saw this and asked if we could "drive all night as far as pawpas house to go to their house" talking about driving home to GA to see your kids :)

  2. I love the Elmo dress and Cinderella heels. Your home school room looks so clean!!! Gunnar in the swing smiling--priceless!

  3. @ Mom, looks can be deceiving. I made sure I angled this picture just right so you couldn't see all the toys on the other side of the room. ha ha

    @Candra, we all miss you guys :)

  4. I found your blog while over at Picket Fences. Your picture taking experience sounded like a "If You Give a ______ a _______" story. I thought it was sweet. Hope you didn't miss too much church.
    I also have a wee wittle won. My baby was born in April and boy does she make it fun trying to get things done. Fortunately my other 2 are far from the age where we need to be "official" so we are quite relaxed.
    If you have a chance I invite you over to my blog for a look around.

  5. hi sarah thanks for stopping by my blog. i am already following your blog, did it while over here earlier. my name is karen no pic.
    sorry for stunted sentences, feeding baby.

  6. Welcome! I completely understand. I type with one finger while nursing all the time :)


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