Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kindle's First Cursive Writings

If you are familiar with Abeka, you know that they start children off with cursive writing in Kindergarten.  (You can go to their website to read more about why if you are interested.)  I started Cooper with writing in Kindergarten as well.  He has done great with it.  Today, Kindle learned how to write the letter "i" in cursive.  She was a little nervous since this was brand new to her, but she did really good.  

She wanted to show her Daddy when he got home from his meeting because she was so proud!

Cooper also made a really big deal out of it.  He is such a sweet brother (most of the time :).

We started learning about the letter "u" today.  We did a game where I would say a word with either a "u" sound or an "i" sound and she would have to tell me which letter was in the word.  Example: bug & big  She got all of them correct!  She is making such huge progress.  When we did Pre-K, I was not too sure what to do because she was still confusing her colors, numbers, letters, etc.  She is a lot like Nathan when it comes to learning unlike Cooper who learns the same way I do.  I was always asking Nathan for suggestions to help it all to come together for her.  Then, it all clicked after Christmas break.  She knew all of her colors, shapes, numbers and she started recognizing letters.  She is so eager to do school which is great!  She also really wants to learn how to read.  I am excited to continue seeing her progress.

Cooper is still reviewing.  The great thing about him is that if you show him something once, he can pretty much pick it up.  That is how I know when he is paying attention or not.  He has also been doing lots of cursive writing.  Here is one of his papers from today.

In other news, Grant's head is healing really well.  He continues to be such a trooper.  He said it isn't hurting at all anymore.  I have been having him take it easy so that it can heal up properly.  I am thankful that he likes playing Wii.  It has helped keep a busy 3 year old still!  Celeste keeps talking about when Grant hit his head.  She is being a really sweet sister.


  1. What does Grant play on Wii? The problem is Nation can pretty much play on his own [more or less with most games], but Solomon wants to SO bad, but he needs a lot of help and so it's really a lot of work if I'm trying to do something else---have to keep coming over to help. We play as a family, which is the only enjoyable part usually. We don't play that often right now, but we brought it and play every few days.

  2. Grant likes to play Mariokart, Sports, Sports Resort, Madagascar (driving a car like Mariokart) and he designs guys on the mii channel.


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