Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're Back...

Cooper doing his big cheese face while digging in the sand.

Today, was a very non-eventful day(thank you Lord) of driving home from the beach.  We made it home a little faster this time-a little under 7 hours instead of 8 1/2.  I am happy to say that the kids did an excellent job and took naps this time.  We also had no car problems this time.  Yay!  We had such a great time at the beach that it was pretty tough to come back.  The kids really enjoyed spending so much time with my parents and brother.  I am so glad we were able to stay for longer than our normal week long vacations.  This gave us plenty of time to recover from the packing and driving so we could relax before we had to do it all over again to come home.  I look forward to our next vacation!

Obviously, I didn't take any photos today since we were driving.  So I figured I would throw in a couple from the vacation that I really like and haven't posted yet.

Grant doing his big cheese face while bowling.

Kindle doing her big cheese face while playing in the sand.

Celeste eating mini chocolate doughnuts.  She thought she was awesome!

Nathan & Gunnar relaxing under the shade of the tent.
I better go to bed now.  I am exhausted from cleaning, packing and driving.  Plus, there is still tons to do tomorrow...zzz

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