Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hole In One!

Cooper got a hole in one on this hole.

Today, we went to play miniature golf on Jekyll Island.  We got up early since it is over 90 degrees in the afternoons.  The older 3 kids played.  Celeste played too with some assistance from Daddy.  They had a great time.  Cooper got 2 holes in one and Kindle got 1 hole in one.  They were very excited!
Kindle got a hole in one on this hole.
Grant was hilarious.  He would hit the ball down the green.  If the ball wasn't in the middle of the green, he would pick it up and line it up for his next shot.
Each time the ball went in the hole, he would grab his ball, hold it in the air and jump!
Celeste would hit the ball down the green.  Then, she would run and grab it and throw it in the hole.
Celeste dropping her ball in the hole.
It's a good thing we weren't keeping score because I am pretty sure they hit 10+ shots a piece on each hole.
She gave the dinosaur a kiss!
Since it was starting to get hot around the 13th hole, I was glad they were not interested in taking their time to get the perfect shot.  They wanted to hit the ball and move on to the next one.  I had Gunnar in the wrap, so I was really glad to get in the air conditioned car.
They all wanted their ball to go under the middle of the castle, so they retried several times till they got it right.

After mini golf, we drove around and looked at the old houses on Jekyll.  Nathan also went to the Sweet Shop and got some homemade fudge.  We look forward to getting some every year.  Nathan asked the lady that works there if she likes fudge.  She promptly responded that she hates it and can hardly stand the smell.  She said her mother owned the shop before her so she has been working/making fudge for way too long to like it anymore.  Kind of funny, I can't imagine not liking fudge :)

Nathan and Cooper went fishing during nap time today.  They only caught a baby sting ray, but they had a lot of fun!

Tonight, we grilled out and got some Dairy Queen Blizzards mmm...
Note to self: Must start diet after vacation.  I am noticing a common yummy food theme going on in each of these posts.

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  1. You should have a label in your blogs entitled "Junk Food", ha ha. Hey---you're on vacation. Enjoy. Try to gain 12 lbs like Gary. I only gained 2 on vacation. What a wimp.


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