Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Consignment Sale Deals Take 2

I realized that I completely forgot to blog about the consignment sale that I went to at the beginning of August.  I WON (hurray) a $25 gift certificate to the All 4 Kids consignment sale.  All I did was "like" their Facebook page and make my status something that referred to All 4 Kids.  Then, they put my name in for a drawing and I won!  The blog that I did showing all of the deals I got back in July was actually the post that helped me win the gift certificate.  That was pretty exciting!  I thought we might be out of town for the one they do at Mt. Paran Church, so I decided to go to the one in the Woodstock/Acworth area.  Since I did so well at the other consignment sale, I was really only looking for a couple of specific things.  Also, I knew we were about to go on vacation so I really didn't want to spend more than the $25 gift certificate.  Here is what I got:
I wanted to find Kindle some sweat pants to play soccer in.  The green jacket and pants are from Gap. 
I found this Old Navy winter coat for Grant for $6.
I had no luck finding Kindle a Christmas dress at the other sale.  I really liked this jumper it is embroidered velvet and has beading and sequence.  She of course loves it because it sparkles.
I couldn't resist this Santa suit for Gunnar.  I got it for $2.
I had a couple of dollars left so I found this brand new hairbow.   I can't resist hairbows!
Plus, it looks really cute in their hair!
I think I did pretty good.  I only went over my $25 budget by $1.

The All 4 Kids consignment sale seasons is over now.  There is, however, another great consignment sale coming up this Friday and Saturday at the Cobb County Civic Center called Born Again Blessings.  I personally have never sold items there, but I know a lot of people that do and they absolutely love it!  Also, the profit from the sale goes to benefit the Hilda Cagle Foundation that helps needy families.  If you are a first time Mom, they also do a preview sale the night before that you can get into, but you have to sign up

I hope some of you can make it out.  Let me know if you get any great deals!


  1. great deals. i love the jacket and the santa suit. i bought one for $30, but then again it's going on boy #3 so technically i paid $10 for it...i wonder how much it will be when i've had 10 boys, lol

  2. Wow! You really got some great deals, that's wonderful! I love finding good consignment shops and even great yard sales. :-) Have a great night!

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