Saturday, August 14, 2010

Olive Shrimp, a Rainbow, Beach Bums & a Sunglasses Miracle

Last night, we made garlic lime shrimp.  Nathan marinated and grilled them.  They tasted so yummy!
Cooper took this pic of the shrimp on the barbie.
The final result
The kids ate their shrimp, some better than others.  Celeste decided she was not too sure about eating them.  One trick Nathan and I have to get her to eat her food is to put olives on whatever she is eating.  Celeste LOVES olives!  Given the choice between olives and dessert, she always chooses olives.  She must get it from Nathan because I do not like them at all.  I found some olives in the refrigerator and Nathan put them with her shrimp.  She LOVED it!
Note the olives with the shrimp & her excitement.
She ate it all up!
Gunnar chilled in his swing while we ate.  I am so glad that we brought it along!  
Cooper was taking his picture at the same time so he was actually smiling at Cooper's camera.
After dinner, we went out for Dairy Queen and drove down by the ocean.  There was a beautiful rainbow over the ocean.  Cooper had his camera so he took this photo.
This photo was taken through the tinting of the windows which is why the sky is so dark.

Whether on vacation or at home, Celeste spends most of her days doing her two favorite things: Coloring

And Reading Books!

Grant and Kindle have been playing with the Nintendo DS in their free time.  Even if one of them is playing, the other person sits next to them and watches over their shoulders.  It is sweet! 
They are best buds!

Today, we went to the beach.  We got to play in the sand and swim in the ocean for a good while before it decided to thunderstorm.  My parents and brother came to the ocean with us too.  We all enjoyed the outdoor air conditioning, aka the breeze and shade under the tent, while the kids played in the sand. 
Cooper enjoying the cool under the tent
Nathan and Cooper body surfed.  Grandpa and Grant were jumping over the waves.

Kindle body surfed as well, but was getting knocked all over the place since she is so petite.

While Nathan was holding Celeste, his Ray Ban prescription sunglasses fell into the ocean.  Nathan and I thought with the waves there was no way he would get them back.  A few minutes later, they brushed up against Nathan's leg and he was able to recover them.  Thank you Jesus!
It's a sunglasses miracle!
We are planning on staying till next Wednesday unless something changes.  I am so excited to get to spend a week and a half on vacation!  We have never been able to go to the beach this long before!

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  1. now i'm hungry. and i think it's so cute that celeste colors and reads so much. grant and kindle---i can imagine the conversations over the ds. yay for shade at the beach.


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