Monday, August 16, 2010

Kids Bowl for Free

Celeste bowling for the 1st time
Today, we went bowling.  This was Celeste's first time getting to bowl and she had a lot of fun!  She especially loved the shoes.  She was not interested in smiling for the camera because she was always too busy playing with her shoes to be bothered :)

All of the other children had a great time too.  Kindle did excellent.  She actually got the highest score for the kids (with bumpers of course).
Here she is knocking down the last pin to get a Spare!
Here she is showing me that she got down the last pin!
This video is not of her Spare, of course I had the camera turned off then :(

Grant was hilarious.  He would do a little dance and jump up and down after each turn.


Check out his excitement!

Cooper was his typical "I want to be perfect at this" self.  We discovered he needed a heavier ball and he started playing a lot better.  


You have got to watch this victory dance Cooper does.  HILARIOUS!

My parents and brother came along too.  Gunnar hung out with Nana for a little while.

During the summer and through the end of August, you can go to and register your children.  They will each get 2 free games per day of bowling.  All you have to purchase is the shoe rental.  Our entire family bowled today for $10.  It is a pretty awesome deal!


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