Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Broken Camera, Stitches & the 2nd Day of School

These past couple of days have been quite interesting.  Yesterday, Nathan was on a photo shoot for work taking pictures of a hotel in Tennessee.  His camera was on a tripod.  While he was moving an item to take another photo, the general manager of the hotel says, "Your camera is falling over."  Nathan doesn't know what happened and the general manager said she didn't either.  All we know is that the camera dropped on a tile floor.  Unfortunately, the eye hole you look through shattered.  Also, the lens got cracked on the side so it will no longer turn or focus.  He had to leave the photo shoot before he could get the night shot he needed. This morning he took it to the camera repair shop.  They are supposed to be taking a look at it and letting us know what the diagnosis is.  

The upside to this story is that a friend from church that has a professional camera as well, is allowing Nathan to borrow his to do the photo shoots he has this week.  What a blessing!

While the kids were playing today, Grant ran into the corner of the wall.  He busted his head open and blood was gushing out.  At Christmastime, he fell into the edge of the futon and busted his forehead open so luckily I was pretty calm about the whole thing.  Grant handled it like a champ.  He only cried for a couple of minutes.  Since it was in his hair, we knew it needed stitches.  Nathan took Grant to the Urgent Care.  They gave him 2 stitches.  

The doctor said he was the best kid they have ever had :)  He sat completely still and had a great attitude the whole time.  They gave him a lollipop and some stickers.  He was very excited!  The doctor was so wonderful.  He is a Christian Dad of 5 kids.  His wife also homeschools them.  He got along really well with Nathan and he decided to give him a discount.  Yay!

Kindle and Cooper were definitely WAY more upset about the whole thing than Grant.  They just cried and cried.  None of my children have had to have stitches before so they weren't really familiar with what was going to happen.  They were definitely thinking about a worst case scenario.  I explained everything to them and got them to calm down.  They went on to tell me all the wonderful things that they love about Grant.  For example, He is so nice and he is great with a lightsaber :)  It was very sweet. I told them that should tell Grant the things that they love about him when he got home.  So they did.  

Grant wanted to pose with Gunnar too.  Gunnar, however, was more interested in the fan than looking at the camera.

Sometimes bad things do happen, but in the end it all worked out.  Candra sent me this verse today that really encouraged me.  I hope it will encourage some of you too.

"Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth." Colossians 3:2

On a completely different subject, the 2nd day of school went really great.  We are still mostly reviewing for Cooper.  It makes the school day pretty short for him by comparison to the end of the school year last year.  So tonight, he left me this note.

"I want to do more school"
I was pretty happy to see that he wants to do more!  I must be doing something right.  He also left this note for Nathan so he could see what we are doing in school.

"I'm reading my Bible in school"
With his school work, he has verses to memorize.  Currently, he is memorizing Genesis 1:1-5.  On his own, he decided to read the whole book of Genesis during vacation.  He is now reading the book of Exodus.  I am very proud of him.  
Kindle did a great job today as well.  She is reviewing what we learned in Pre-K with her colors and numbers.  We are also continuing to work on the letter "I".  

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  1. I am so glad it was only 2 stitches and Grant was such a trooper. The doctor was so kind and such a blessing! What a relief! Tell Grant Nana and Grandpa are proud of how brave he was.

    Tell Cooper we're proud of him too--I love the notes he wrote! Also, Kindle for doing so well on her schoolwork.

    Love and hugs to all, Nana/MOM


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