Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Yellow Belt

If you have seen my previous posts, you know that my 7 year old, Cooper, has been taking karate for a year.  On July 24, he went to the dojo his sensei is under to be tested for his Yellow Belt.  This was his first belt test so we didn't know what to expect.  Nathan took Cooper so he was calling and texting to give me updates during the test.  We have been waiting to hear ever since.

Tonight, Cooper and Nathan went to karate and he was presented with his Yellow Belt.  He is sooo excited!

Nathan also got his karate uniform so he is official.  Cooper loves it that he is one belt up from his Dad.  

He is always giving Nathan pointers.  Ha ha!

The kids were so excited that all had to get in on the action.

Cooper can't wait to display his "old" white belt.  He wrapped them up on his dresser & I thought it was kind of a neat way of showing the Yellow Belt taking over.

I am one proud Mama!  It was such a good lesson for him to learn this past year and it paid off!

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  1. i love the pictures. think it's hilarious that you use the word dojo---just makes me think of beverly hills ninja, ha ha. this only makes me want nation to take karate [or whatever] all the more!



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