Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's My Birthday, It's My Birthday, Gonna Party Like It's My Birthday

"Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter." 
-Jack Benny

Today is my 30th Birthday.  It is hard to believe that 30 years of my life has gone by.  It happened so fast!  Nathan surprised me with a treadmill for my birthday!  I was very excited because I am determined to lose some weight and it is so hard to get to the gym with 5 little ones.  Plus, it is so hot here that walking outside is miserable!

I also plan on getting a new iPhone.  I am just waiting for some better cases to come out.  I need one that can be dropped 10+ times a day without it cracking the screen :)

I started my morning off with Gunnar christening me in pee.  It has been a while since my little sprayer managed to get me, I guess I am not as quick in my "old age".  Ha ha. 

I went to a scrapbook crop today at my upline for Creative Memories, Amber Holland's house.  She and her daughter baked me a birthday cake (pictured above & below) and sang to me.  It was very sweet!  I had a lovely time!

When I got home, the kids surprised me with cards they colored.  They were so tickled to give them to me. 

From Top left: Cooper's, Kindle's, Grant's & Celeste's
Nathan also got me a card.  I just laughed and laughed :P

He also gave me a list of 30 +1 things Reasons that he loves me.  It was the best gift by far!!!

Ok so today is my wife Sarah's 30th birthday.  Last month when I turned 30, Sarah surprised me with writing 30 things that she loves about me, so in return I have listed the 30 things +1 that I love about her.   I really enjoyed writing all this down and I hope you love it Sarah.  You're the best!!

30 + 1 things I love about Sarah Martin:

1. Great friend - since before we ever started dating we were friends first and you still are my best friend.

2. Faithful - No matter what, I can always count on you.

3. Truth Teller - I know that you will always give me your honest opinion and you're not afraid to tell me flat out what you think. Whether it be a design that stinks or a nice rebuke, like don’t buy that VW Bug. (Even if I didn’t listen.)

4. You are so kind - you treat others as you would like them to treat you, even if they don’t treat you that way.

5. You put others first - me, the kids, your friends, all come before what you want.

6. You’re a GREAT Mom - you are the best mom to our kids, you are patient, but stern and they love you. You love them and take great care of them. You clean, wash the clothes, home school the kids and do it all with a great attitude.

7. Supportive - you are so supportive of the things God has placed in my heart. You have even supported me when the ideas weren’t so much God.

8. You Listen - You always listen when I talk and I know that you really care, even if what I am saying is ridiculous.

9. You Love God - this is one of my favorites. You Love God with all your heart and are an example of what a real Christian looks like.

10. Wisdom - you have lots of Godly wisdom and always know how to handle a situation that I am wavering on.

11. You complete me - no really, the things that are weak in me, are strong in you and I need you to be a better Godly man.

12. You’re really fun - no matter what we are doing, we always have fun together, laughing and having a good time, even If what we are doing is not that fun.

13. Creative - you may not feel this way, but you have great ideas.

14. Content - you are content with wherever we are at in life, never wanting to be somewhere else but happy to be where God has us.

15. Stable - you are the most stable person I know. you are the same everyday, day in day out. You just roll with situations and make the best of it.

16. You believe the best - you believe the best in me and in others, even if they have let you down, you still believe the best.

17. You’re not offended easily - enough said.

18. You’re Beautiful - you have the most natural beauty and you have the best smile.

19. You’re a great encourager - even if I am frustrated putting something together, or I am ready to give up on something in life, you tell me just the right thing to encourage me.

20. Diligence and quality - You never give up, even when you want to, you still keep going and finish the task. It is also important to you that it is done well.

21. You support me in leading our house - You trust me with making the right decisions in God, money, training the kids, etc. and you support me no matter what.

22. You’re practical - I am a dreamer and only see the end result in my head. You help me to see all the steps between that save me lots of headaches and trouble along the way.

23. You’re quick to forgive - you don’t hold accounts of wrongs or bring up things from the past. You just love me the way I am.

24. You’re not prideful - You can admit when you're wrong and take correction and rebuke.

25. You’re great at multitasking - 5 kids under 7 that you home school 2 of and do all the house chores and now even blog... and it all gets done.

26. You let me go and do things I like, without nagging me - examples: hunting, cycling, music, sports, the list goes on.

27. You’re good at spelling and math - Thank God or I would look like an idiot ALL the time.

28. You’re a great baby maker - there is a lot that goes into that one, but I will leave it at that.

29. You’re great at scrapbooking - Thanks to your handy work we will never forget all the wonderful fun we have as a family.

30. You’re really smart - You home school the kids and they are all really smart because they got it from you.

+ 1. Ok one more. Your button nose - Our kids are so cute because they all got your button nose and not mine.

I love you so much Sarah Martin!  Happy 30th birthday

Tonight, we went to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Tecali Grille.  It was delicious as always.  Nathan got them to sing to me.  They gave us all sombreros to wear while we ate my dessert.  The kids thought they were hilarious, especially Grant.  He couldn't stop laughing!


It has been a great day.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life! I appreciate all of the birthday wishes tons.  I looked back today at what I had accomplished in the first 30 years of my life and I am very pleased.  God has truly blessed me in so many ways.  I can not wait to see what the next 30 years has in store!


  1. 1. you value scrapbooking [like any wise woman]
    2. you are down to earth and transparent
    3. you pray for me when i ask and when i don't
    4. you keep it real with stained clothes & gaucho pants [like me]
    5. you are never apposed to Melting Pot dessert
    6. you always make me feel loved on facebook & my blog
    7. you tell me about good deals
    8. you are the only friend that has their own folder in my email account because we send each other so many emails [although now we facebook/txt more]
    9. you give me super great advice on a hundred subjects
    10. you helped me make it through my first go around of the terrible 2 & 3's if you hadn't told me to keep at it
    10. you helped me make it through my first go around of the terrible 2 & 3's if you hadn't told me to keep at it
    11. you and i can talk for entertainment [who needs a movie, bowling or any sport...just give us two couches]
    12. you take the time to train your kids
    13. you take the time to teach your kids
    14. you are a super supportive and involved wife
    15. you make me laugh...often
    16. you called me when I was in CA on Superbowl Sunday when I was very lonely and missing home and befriended me
    17. you are selfless and do what's best for your kids
    18. you are very black or white on issues [no grey, no fence, you are a straight arrow]
    19. you use integrity [always]
    20. you really care about people & what they go through
    21. you use your time wisely [like reading...which i only think about doing]
    22. you have a great outlook on life...very positive and uplifting to talk to
    23. you are confident
    24. you work hard and don't complain...unless we need a good laugh
    25. you're flexible and go with the flow
    26. you are always up for a midnight counsel session
    27. you have babies two months after I do
    28. you stay up late like me...because it will take us 10 kids before we go to bed early
    29. you're beautiful...great smile
    30. you are a lovely image of a proverbs 31 wife and mother...i look up to you and always glean from your example

    Happy 30th birthday! To 90 more years! Can't wait for our families to grow up together...hopefully marry too, ha ha. I miss you terribly and can't wait to get home and scrapbook with you and chat for hours about nothing. I wouldn't have made it through this year with your love, counsel, wisdom and friendship. You are a true friend. You love me. I am so blessed that you spend your precious time on me. Love you Sarah.

  2. I just wanna say, after reading your husband's list... I'd like to be more like you! seriously, if you started teaching classes on how to be SO great, I'd be the first to sign up! Happy birthday!

  3. I love that you and Nathan made each other lists for your birthdays... I may have to steal that idea when Bryan turns 35 next month! :)

    Sounds like you had a fabulous day that you definitely deserved!!

  4. Well Candra and Nathan made there list which I will not even attempt but I did want to add that I too would have not made it through many times in in my life without your encouragement and wisdom and you just in general being there for me! Your are truely amazing and I know when I do not know the answer or I am unsure in what I am thinking I can come to you and you will always have wisdom to offer and the thing I need to hear. I am not good with words but what I am trying to say is I do not think I let you know ever really how much I appreciate and love you! Your friendship is valued more than you know. Love you Happy Birthday

  5. Thank you guys so much! You are all so sweet :0) I felt very loved on my birthday. It is nice to know people care so much xxoo

    @Abby, by all means take my idea. I think he will really appreciate it.

  6. I smiled so much reading that list! It's so obvious your man totally still has the hots for you. I want you to post some more pics from way back when... like the prom pic on your dresser. :)


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