Monday, September 6, 2010

Aged to Perfection

Today was the final celebration of mine and Nathan's 30th Birthdays today with my parents and brother.  We had a pool party.  You are never too old for a pool party!!!  Celeste insisted that she wear her Nemo hairbow to the pool (I made her take it out in the water) since he is a fish and swims just like her.

We had a really great time swimming in the pool.  Gunnar napped in the water wrap with me.  Kindle "practiced" swimming with no swimmies.  She absolutely hates it though.  She would much rather have a float.

Grant decided that he wanted to learn to swim with no swimmies too.  He has no fear so he went for it.  He did excellent.  He was swimming all over the shallow end.  He was also jumping into the water and swimming to the side.  

Cooper had lots of fun snorkeling and shooting water guns with Nathan.  He also got Nathan to throw him while he did a back flip.  

After swimming, we had pizza for dinner.  Then, it was time for the birthday cake.

Nana got the kids cupcakes to eat too since that is their favorite.  

I tried to get all 4 to look at the camera & smile.  No such luck!

Nathan and I had a great final celebration of our 30th Birthdays.  I am so thankful for all of the outpouring of sweet notes, gifts and comments that I received.  I feel very loved!  

Since I took the photos all day, I realized I was not in a single photo and it was my birthday party.  So, I got my Mom to snap a quick photo as we were walking out the door. 
Disclaimer: This is not my favorite photo at all-no makeup, pool hair & zits that popped up for my birthday, but here it is anyway.


  1. Cute pics!!! love the header! Thanks for the follow! I am totally following you back now! I hope you get a chance to enter the Trim Treads giveaway ending tomarrow with low entries! @
    Stash Mama

  2. I'm interested in knowing more about Nathan's tattoo, what does it say? And I like that picture of you two - because let's face it, we will have bajillions of pics of our kids and like 2 of us together by the time they are all grown up, so I am always happy to settle for what I can get! :)

  3. Thanks guys!
    @Lindsey-His tatoo is Greek and it says Agape.

  4. Just caught up on your last 3 posts on my phone. Adorable photos! Since you don't have insurance---what do these visits run you?

  5. @Candra, you probably don't want to know. They do give you a discount for paying in cash. I believe with the discount it was around $350.


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