Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sparkles and Gunnar's New Trick

Today, we went over to the Taylor's house to let the kids play since they are out of school for a Fall break this week.  They just got a new kitten last week named Sparkles.  Grant is obsessed with animals so he was in heaven.  He spent most of the day following, petting and holding the kitten.

Thank goodness that Sparkles was a very tolerant kitten!  She and Grant were swatting their hands at each other playing a game.  It was very cute!  She got lots and lots of love today!

We had a really great day playing with friends.  The boys played video games and Legos.  The girls played all sorts of make believe games and colored.  We always have fun playing with the Taylors!

Gunnar has a new trick.  A couple of days ago, Nathan was holding Gunnar and Nathan stuck his tongue out at Gunnar.  Then, Gunnar copied him and stuck his tongue out at Nathan.  Gunnar kept doing it over and over.  He would always have a huge grin on his face and laugh at himself.  Ever since, Gunnar has been sticking his tongue out at all of us.  It is just too cute!


  1. next up---you're getting a kitty, i see it in your future! ha ha ha

  2. you know you never have to get an animal- they can just come play w/all mine! i think sparkles misses grant today- she is begging for attention! we had fun yesterday too- and gunnar is so cute w/his tongue sticking out. have a great weekend!


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