Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lesson Learned for the Day: Always Bring the Kid's Shoes in the Car

Nathan is always saying to me that no matter what we are doing the kids should wear their shoes in the car just in case.  I learned why this was a good idea this evening...

The kids and I decided to grab a bite to eat through a drive-thru since Nathan was out of town on a photoshoot in Alabama.  I got some food and then headed to the gas station.  After I pumped the gas, I went to start the car and it wouldn't start.  Prior to leaving the house, I actually thought "maybe I should put the kids shoes on?"  I decided not to worry about it since I was in a hurry and we weren't going to be getting out of the car.  So here I was at the pump at the gas station, Nathan is in Alabama, all 5 kids are getting hot in the car, they have on no shoes so I can't go inside the gas station to ask for help and I have no jumper cables or clue what to do.  I talked to Nathan and ended up calling my parents.  God Bless them because they had just sat down at a restaurant for dinner.  They left the restaurant and headed towards me.  I decided to ask the man at the pump next to me if he had jumper cables.  Unfortunately, he was on the phone, so I pushed the call button on the pump and let them know I couldn't drive away from the pump because my car wouldn't start.  They said they could send someone out to help me.  Just then, a lady and her son pulled up behind me waiting their turn to use the pump I was pulled up to.  The completely wild thing was that there were over 20 pumps and only a few were occupied, but she decided to wait for mine.  Since I was waiting, I walked over and told her that my car wouldn't start and that she might want to pick a new pump.  She told me that she had jumper cables and could help me.  Just then, the man sitting in his car on the phone overheard my conversation, and said "oh, you need a jump?" and he whipped his car around to help me.  He discovered that I had corrosion on my battery and he cleaned it off and jumped the car for me while on his cell phone the entire time. LOL.  I thanked him and the lady in the car behind me many times. [Side note: I was really blessed that 3 people offered to help me!]  I made it home without anymore problems.  Since my parents were headed my way, they asked me to park in the driveway, so the kids got out barefooted (they thought that was awesome).  When they arrived, my Dad took a look at the battery which needed water as well.  He cleaned everything up too.
P.S. I will be putting jumper cables in the car asap!
[There are no photos of this "event" because I would like to forget that it happened and not memorialize it with photos.  ha ha]

In other news, while I was getting the older 4 kids ready this morning, Gunnar fell asleep on my bed.  He looked so sweet, I had to snap a couple of photos.


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  2. I was several days behind on your blog when i read this one this morning. That had to be horrible- dont blame you for not taking pictures! Thats so funny about the shoes- my kids rarely ever wear them (although there is a good chance they both have a spare pair in the car since they take them off at the 1st chance they get). i wouldnt have thought twice about dragging my barefoot kids in the gas station though- exactly how redneck does that make me?! =) Well, glad it turned out okay- you know you can always call me for help, as well.

  3. my kids tend to take shoes off in the car as we are getting even if they don't make it to the car with shoes we usually have random shoes already in the car, lol. but sometimes solomon just has to ride in a cart because he didn't have shoes, lol.

    sorry that happen, looks like dads prayers were heard and you were rescued!


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