Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend House aka My Hot Mess

So my friend, Lindsey, is having a contest on her blog Happiness With a Side of Havoc, Please.  It is for photos of everyone's "hot mess" of a house.  Since it has been a busy weekend, I have a case of what I love to call "Weekend House".  I have mentioned this before, but for those unfamiliar with the term, it is when you are so busy all weekend that you don't have time to straighten up.  You just let everything stay wherever it finds a home with the hope of getting it all straighten up later.  So here is what my Weekend House looked like.

The Kitchen
My catch-all cubby
These are only the shoes worn this past weekend.  There are many more where these came from.
My Master Closet
Nathan's Clothes Corner
The "clean & needs to be folded, but we haven't had time so we had to just grab stuff out of the basket" laundry.  There is lots more where this came from.
I am just keeping it real at the Martin house :)  I am happy to say the kitchen and the rest of the area were cleaned before I allowed myself to write this blog.  Now off to conquer the laundry!

This contest is open to everyone.  Go to Lindsey's Blog and enter!


  1. it's not the laundry that bothers me, it's the counters. the martin cubby. oh, how i always want to get my hands on it. ha ha. and really, what else is your house suppose to look like? i mean you have 7 people, that's 14 pairs of shoes!!!! and that's laundry for 7 people X all the items one person wears, plew, you win!

    love you. you're supermom.

  2. p.s. maybe you should turn the second tv room into a family closet---that would mean laundry on the same floor and no more putting in all their rooms. you would have so much more space in their closets too. hmm, probably wouldn't work, but thank God your new awesomely built house will have a family closet!

  3. p.s. you time stamp is off by 3 hours.

  4. Now that's a hot mess!!! I remember liking the term "weekend house" haha. When I worked full time, I remember being able to get away with cleaning like once a week because we were never home. It took me forever to figure out the reason I started having to clean more often when I started staying home was BECAUSE we were home more often, LOL!


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