Saturday, September 4, 2010

With 5 Kids, There is Always Something To Do

Being a Mom of 5 is never boring!  The kids are always playing and getting in to things.  I never hear the words "I am bored".  There is always someone to play with it.  We really enjoy it.  We spend most days:

Playing kitchen or restaurant:

Doing light saber battles:

Pretending to be superheroes:

Stealing our Daddy's drink:

Making silly faces:

Making silly faces at Gunnar to get him to smile:

Pushing our strollers & shopping carts around:

Napping with Daddy:

Playing dress up:

Holding Gunnar:

Wearing our baby, just like Mommy:

Playing with cars, trains and trucks:

And finally, getting mad at Mommy for taking too many pictures:

What do your children like to do everyday?


  1. You may have read it already, but my children like to test my patience by mangling balloons and then telling on me for putting said balloon out of its misery. :)

    We also do several of the things you listed, although we do not yet own any lightsabers. :)

  2. Hello I am following you back! Thanks for visiting my blog! You family is great such cute pics! I am the middle child of 5 so I know they will keep having fun well into adulthood as me and my siblings do!

  3. we do always enjoy a little stroller around in the strollers at your house. daddy's push strollers too!


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