Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kindle's New Smile

Kindle is beyond thrilled that she lost her first tooth today!  She has been very nervous about her loose tooth.  She had it in her mind for some reason that if she lost one, they all would fall out and she would have no teeth "like Gunnar".  I explained to her, once again, that a new "big girl" tooth would grow in to replace her baby tooth.  This afternoon, it had gotten so wiggly that I am pretty sure it might have just popped right out if she ate an apple.  She was complaining that it was hurting so I asked her if I could check to see if it was bleeding. I wrapped a paper towel around and it and gently tugged.  It popped right out.

She was soooo excited and the pain instantly went away!  We had her gargle with salt water and it stopped bleeding in less than 15 seconds.  She said the worst part was the salt water.  Ha ha!  

Kindle's New Smile (She kept closing her eyes in all the photos I tried to take so I told her you gotta open them wide, and she did, ha ha.)
She called her Nana to tell her the exciting news.  Then, she told all of her brothers and sisters.

I reminded Cooper and Kindle tonight that we start back to school tomorrow (we have been on Fall break this week).  Kindle said, "I get to do school without my tooth!  Awesome!"  She is too funny.

Before she went to bed, she put her tooth out because she knows she gets some money and she can't wait!  We don't do the Tooth Fairy at our house.  Cooper never went for all that stuff (Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny, etc.).  He told me from a very young age that he knew it wasn't real and that was that.  We still do stockings, Easter baskets and put our tooth out.  The kids just know Mommy and Daddy will have a surprise in store for them when they wake up.  They love it!


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