Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gifts and Surprises

On Monday when I went to dinner with Alanna, she forgot my gift.  So she brought it to me today.  She made me a mini scrapbook.  I love it!  It is so sweet.  Those of you who know me, know that I love to scrapbook, but I am typically making scrapbooks of my children.  It is so nice to have something for myself :)
The Cover
Alanna & I at a Third Day concert in 2004
She also made me a bow holder after reading my blog about needing another one.  I absolutely love it!  I was really wanting to get one that was this style.  I put a few bows on there so you could get the idea.  She is very crafty and can make almost anything.  I keep telling her to make a business out of it.  Maybe one day I can talk her into it...(wink, wink)

Just a side note, I got her a tile frame that has a cute saying about friendship.  I told her to pretend that I made it.  Ha ha.  

Another gift I got for my birthday, was a gift card to Amazon from Candra.  I LOVE shopping at Amazon so this was the perfect gift.  As I mentioned in my previous posts, I take a long time to decide what I would like to get.  I have to look around at all of the items (either in the store or online).  I always read product reviews and try to make an "educated" decision.  So, I just ordered the items with my gift card and most of them arrived today.  This is what I got:

A cover for my laptop that I have been needing for a LONG time to protect it from little hands.

A protector for my keypad to protect it from spills that little hands make.

Also, I have heard so much stuff over the years from Candra and friends about how awesome Rainbow Sandals are.  I decided that I need to finally give them a try.  They are supposed to conform to your feet over time and then become your favorite pair of sandals that will last forever.  Sounds good to me!

Lastly, I ordered a food processor.  I have been wanting to get one for years so that I can make my own baby food (hopefully :) as well as save time when making our favorite dinner, Chicken Casserole.  {The food processor has not arrived yet, so I can't take a picture.  I attached a link to it below}  I look forward to using it shortly!

This has been a wonderful birthday!  

In other news, I have been walking on my treadmill several days a week and dropped a few pounds.  Hurray!  I am doing pretty good about entering all of the foods I have eaten into the Livestrong app.  I am happy to see that all of my efforts are paying off!

Tomorrow starts the first day of Homeschool Soccer for the older 3 kids.  They are beyond excited!  They got all of their gear together tonight.  I have a feeling when I wake up in the morning, I will find them in their shin guards and cleats ready to go.  I am looking forward to watching them play!  I plan on bringing the camera, so hopefully I can get some pictures of them.  It might be kinda interesting since they will all be playing at the same time, but I have to stay with Grant.  I shall do my best.


  1. Alanna, you totally out did me. Those gifts are off the chain. Enjoy your rainbows. Yay for treadmilling it.

  2. Alanna, What can I say? You always make the most thoughtful gifts! I know Sarah will always treasure the scrapbook. Perfect gift to commemorate your friendship. Candra, I know she loved your gift too. Thanks for being such wonderful best friends to my daughter! I love you girls!!! X0X0

  3. No way Candra- didnt "out do" you, just did something different. Crafts are my hobby so I might as well be making something for someone! Sounds like she racked up w/your gift!! Yay for Sarah!! Ive never heard of those sandals but I intend to get some since flip flops are one of my favorite things ever.
    Sarah, Im so glad the bow holder worked- since it was my 1st time making one! Ill have to make Caitlin one- she keeps talking about it.
    Yay for losing a few lbs this week ( I did too!) and good luck w/soccer tomorrow! I bet they are sooo excited!

  4. btw... I have my friendship tile up on the shelf in my living room- and im pretending you made it as we speak! =)
    Thank you again-it looks really cute sitting up there!
    and i LOVE the air fresheners for my car!! I will be buying more of those when the smell eventually fades from mine!!


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