Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gunnar is 4 Months Old

Gunnar will officially turn 4 months on the 20th, but I got such adorable photos of him tonight, I just couldn't resist posting a bit early.  He continues to be such a smiley, happy baby.  He rarely fusses or cries unless he is hungry or needs you to change his diaper.  He will let anyone hold him and smiles at them too. He is super ticklicious.  I love to hear him laugh.  He is an excellent sleeper (averaging 12 hours a night).  He only wakes up if he has flipped himself over (he hasn't mastered flipping back yet), but I can flip him back and he will go right back to sleep.  He also LOVES his thumb.  

He enjoys watching all of his brothers and sisters play and act silly.  He tolerates all of their hugs, kisses and them wanting to hold him all the time.  He continues to be a great eater.  He is over 14 1/2 pounds now.  I am about to start solid foods with him soon (which I can hardly believe).  He has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives!  I am so excited to see what an awesome little boy he becomes!

Yesterday morning before soccer, he got in bed with me when he woke up so I could feed him.  He snuggled up afterwards and fell asleep.  It was so wonderful!  I wanted to just lay there all day with him!

In my "attempts" to get better at photography, I figured it would be good to participate in something called You Capture.  Basically, each week she gives you a different theme and you go out and take pictures based on that theme.  This week's theme happened to be our choice, but last week's theme was signs (just so you get the idea).  As many of you know, Nathan is the photographer in the family.  I am pretty clueless and just default to him.  So, I decided that since I am now doing a blog of our lives, I need to make an attempt at learning how to use my camera better.  As well, as learning how to edit photos (hence the reason for several different effects on these photos).  
There are some great photographers on You Capture.  I recommend checking it out and giving it a try if you have a blog!

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  1. love him sleeping. yay for you capture.

    i'd offer shot advice, but you're married to a real photographer, ha ha so i won't tell you to open a window and turn off your flash, because that crazy creative memory guy already told us, ha ha

    great job! miss ya!


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