Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homeschool Soccer: Week 5

It was a wet day at Homeschool Soccer today.  It had just started sprinkling, or as Kindle calls it sparkling, while we were headed to the park.  We hoped it would blow over.  Instead as we got out of the car, it actually picked up and got worst.  So, the kids had a fun day of soccer in the rain and mud.  Of course, they loved it!  I obviously didn't get my camera out in the rain.  Instead, I took some videos on my iPhone.  I was with Grant the entire time because Kindle and Cooper finished earlier because of the rain.  

Here is Grant and the 3 year olds doing jumping jacks.

And doing the helicopter stretch.

And touching their toes.

And "dancing" with the ball.

And kicking the ball uphill.

And playing with the parachute.

And more fun with the parachute.

The kids had a really great, wet day!

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