Friday, September 17, 2010

Homeschool Soccer: Week 3

We had another wonderful week at Homeschool Soccer.  I was able to get some photos of Kindle actually warming up and playing since Grant didn't have to go to the bathroom several times before it was his turn to play soccer....

I am really impressed with how well the 5 year olds are doing.  I will admit I had pretty low expectations when it came to a couple hours once a week playing soccer with kids that mostly haven't played before.  They had them all stretching.

Kindle is the one in the polka dot shorts & hairbow.

They have them run drills and practice basic skills.

Then, they scrimmage against each other, usually a 5 on 5 game.  Kindle was very excited because she got to be the goalie at one point.

She also does great on the field.  She got to take several shots at the goal and also did great on defense!

Grant had lots of fun today as well.  He is still taking a few minutes to participate because he acts shy, but once he does, he enjoys himself.
They did warm ups as well.  It was quite funny watching a group of 3 year olds.

Grant's version of jumping jacks
Twists aka Pretending to be a Helicopter
Grant's group did their usual kicking the ball at the goal and passing between players.  They also practiced headers (where you bounce the ball off your head at the coach or a team mate) today as well.  Their reactions were quite funny, it was kinda a love-hate thing.

Since I am the *only* Mom out there taking photos, one Mom came up to me to ask if it was picture day.  I told her no and that I wasn't aware there was a picture day.  One of the other Moms on Grant's team said that there actually is a picture day, but it wasn't till the end.  I guess that changed because about 30 minutes later a Mom with a camera comes walking over with her camera as well as the lady in charge of Homeschool Soccer and says it's time for team pictures.  I thought, "Oops, I guess I told that other Mom the wrong thing."  It was quite funny trying to get the kids to pose.  Grant was not interested AT ALL!  The coach had to literally hold him in the photo by the arm.  He told me he was done taking pictures.

Then, they told us each kid was going to get their photo with the coach.  Grant definitely wasn't interested in doing that either.  They convinced him by bribing him with getting to play bubbles next.

Once the pictures were over for the 3 year olds, he started playing bubbles.  So, I ran over to Kindle's field to get a few shots of her team.  Well the coaches thought I was the team photographer because like I said I am the *only* Mom taking photos of their kids.  I told them I wasn't and that I just wanted to snap a shot of my own while they were taking them.  The coach said, well we already have them lined up so go ahead and take a photo.  So I did.

I also snapped a shot later with Kindle and her coaches while the photographer was getting photos of all of the kids.

After Kindle and Grant were finished, we headed over to Cooper's field.  We didn't get to see him play for long since the pictures made everyone run later than normal.  Unfortunately, I missed the photos they took with their team and coaches.  I have been told they will be posted later so I should be able to get copies made.  I did get a few photos of him scrimmaging though.

Homeschool Soccer continues to be a great activity for the kids!  I am very glad we decided to participate!


  1. So glad you got to put up the pictures of Kindle playing. It looks like she's having so much fun! I already knew the boys were because they talk about soccer constantly. :)

  2. grant jumping was awesome. cooper is getting too big--make it stop


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