Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Cavities!

Cooper and Kindle had a wonderful dental appointment today.  Kindle was super excited and the dentist even commented about how they had never seen someone so excited about going to the dentist!  Quite a change from the tears she was crying over going earlier in the week.  The books and all the talking it up worked.  Hurray!

Cooper had a great visit too.  He did awesome as usual!  Both of them had no cavities!  Yay!

They came home and told me all about the exciting times at the dentist.  Kindle and Cooper showed me each of the items they got in their goody bags from the dentist.    Including a toothbrush (Kindle's has Belle from Beauty & the Beast so she is super excited), toothpaste and dental floss (Kindle is holding the floss in her hands, you just can't really tell).

Cooper got a Spiderman sticker that says "Amazing Patient".  Kindle got a Hannah Montana sticker that says "Great Patient".  They each also got to get two items from the vending machines with their gold coins they earned from doing such a good job.  They both got a ring and a pencil topper of a hand doing funny gestures.  They were very tickled with their prizes.

They are already talking about when they get to go back next time.  You gotta love that!

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