Saturday, September 25, 2010

Table for 15 + a Baby, Gunnar's First Words & My New Hairdo

Earlier today, I got a new haircut and color.  I decided to go a little darker for the Fall.  I also decided to do some bangs to change it up a small bit.  I go to Ashley Valdes at Kara Christian Styling Studio in Woodstock.  I would highly recommend her!

My sister, Emily, her hubby, Gil, and my niece, Ella
This evening, we went to Jim 'n Nicks to celebrate my brother-in-law, Gil's, birthday.  There were 16 of us because my parents, brother, cousin Ben, and my grandparents came along as well.  We all sat at a very long table in the middle of the restaurant.  We discussed how wild it is that our family has expanded so much in size.

We had a very yummy dinner.  If you haven't tried Jim 'n Nicks, I recommend the smoked turkey, macaroni and cheese and their cheese biscuits with honey butter.  Yummy!

Everyone did great as always in the restaurant.  Gunnar was completely enchanted by the bright lights and fans.  The other children enjoyed coloring their pictures.

It was a nice evening.  After dinner, Nathan and the older kids played Super Mario Bros. for Wii.  They are on World 8 (the last one).  I was holding Gunnar and he said "Mama" as clear as day 4 times.  We all heard it.  All 5 of our kids have said "Mama" first.  You gotta love it!


  1. i love the pictures of grant & cooper and nathan and gunnar

  2. sorry, brain fart, LOVE your new hair and color.

    my hair is so BLAH right now, but i'm too afraid to do anything different, i never like anything but long, i sometimes get bangs and i think i need bangs again because i'm so bored with it

  3. Love the hair! And so far "all" my kids have said mama first too! :)


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